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Key Challenge:

In order to improve tourism in Marshall County, we had to tackle a couple of key issues. 1) Develop an authentic destination brand connecting with different audiences, 
including families, couples, outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, boaters, cyclists and 
sports leagues seeking tournament venues and 2) Instill a unified sense of identity and pride among the county’s 4 distinct communities 
by positioning its most important assets. The Lake!

Project Storyline:

Marshall County, home to four distinctive communities, three state parks and Alabama’s largest lake was challenged with how to position itself as a tourism destination against other more well-known, competitive destinations in the southeast. Lake Guntersville at 69,000 acres and 75 miles long is a massive outdoor water sports playground and nationally recognized as a major bass fishing destination and tournament site. It attracts fishermen from across the southeast and leisure boaters from around the region who know about its natural beauty and water recreation activities.

People come to Marshall County for its biggest attraction, Lake Guntersville, and aren’t always aware of all the other assets off the lake the county has to offer from its scenic beauty, forests, hiking, cycling and ORV trails, caverns, caves, entertainment, shopping, dining and historic sites in its 4 main communities, in addition to a state-of-the-art sports complex and ballparks. Visitors certainly don’t connect the lake to Marshall County and don’t search for the county when planning a trip to the area. Even though not all 4 communities are situated on the lake and cannot claim to be, they understand the lake is what attracts visitors to the area in the first place. Their communities and other attractions, both natural and manmade, benefit from the residual revenue generated from visitors while there.

The most compelling brand identity was to own what Marshall County is most famous for and communicate its immense natural beauty and recreation opportunities.


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