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This is what we do best

It’s called many things – city branding, civic branding, community branding, place branding or destination branding. No matter what it’s called, this is what we do best. In fact, our place branding process has been recognized twice for excellence in using research to create marketing results.

Brand Navigator

A complete branding process that includes discovery, stakeholder engagement, development and a complete action plan.

Destination Brand Assessment & Report Card

Our team visits the area and conducts a complete communications audit and a workshop for your immediate community stakeholders. We provide a destination branding report card rating each of your communications touch points. This is great for when you are not sure what elements of the place branding process are necessary. We’ll help identify the priority elements for you so better decisions can made.

Brand Refresh

Maybe your destination went through a branding process a few years ago, and its not necessary to re-discover your story. If you are interested in creating new energy and creative interpretation around your story, this may be a shorter and more appropriate program.

Place Branding Education Seminar

Often community leaders want to learn more about the philosophies and process of place branding. Steve will meet and speak to your assembly of stakeholders, businesses and residents about why branding is so important for any community and how it helps the local economy.

Strategic Planning

The world of marketing is continuing to change quickly. If you are in need of research based strategic planning, we can help.

Destination Research

Do you need a Visitor Profile study, a Citizen Satisfaction study or other research about your community or visitors? We can do that.

Festival & Event Economic Impact Studies

We love local festivals and events. If you have a need to show the economic impact of your local festival give us a call. We have strong experience in helping communities evaluate the impact of these types of events. It not only helps clarify the truth, but it can help provide insights for better marketing and recruitment of sponsors for next year’s event.

Marketing Services

Need a really great ad or a new look at your media mix? If you want high impact creative and media work we can deliver that by using our team of CT Placemakers. We bring years of experience in digital marketing and even the good old-school stuff.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Kellye Murphy / Columbia, TN
Adrian Lambert / Polk County, TN


Steve Chandler / Owner, Brand Strategist
Greg Fuson / Research Director