Destination Branding Specialists

Key Challenge:

Two key challenges on this project were revitalizing a new brand for a city playing a pivotal role in America’s 
somewhat forgotten past and making history feel emotionally relevant and meaningful to residents, 
businesses and visitors.

Project Storyline:

Independence, Missouri is a city with a powerful heritage filled with historical sites commemorating important events, periods and legendary figures from our nation’s past. Independence was the center and nexus of expansion into new areas of exploration, discovery and development. As the starting point for the Oregon, Santa Fe and California Trails and many epic adventures, it attracted pioneers and big thinkers whose decisions made an indelible impact on the direction of our country. And for much of the last century, the city has been connected to one very public figure: President Harry S. Truman.
As a continued launching pad for brave, innovative ideas, Independence continues its legacy offering residents and visitors the opportunity to write their own next chapters with experiences they can only have here. So many great things have taken off from here that the city is teeming with stories and interactive, firsthand experiences that are tied to every American’s history and that are still relevant to us today. History comes alive here, engaging residents and visitors with meaningful encounters, unique sites and attractions and a genuine welcoming spirit.
We created a brand position based on the city’s legendary heritage, famous President and pivotal role in history that has since been embraced across the board from economic development to tourism and resonates because the stories it tells are timeless, relatable and continue being made today.


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