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Key Challenge:

Two Key Challenges for the Shenandoah County Tourism & Economic Development Council were: 1) Changing the county’s rural perception to one that’s conducive to a culturally 
stimulating lifestyle and successful business environment and 2) Building recognition for the county departments responsible for helping 
create a higher quality of life.

Project Storyline:

Shenandoah County with its deep agricultural roots and rich natural resources, significant role in American history, majestic mountain views, celebrated river, cultural amenities and abundant outdoor recreational activities represents an inspired quality of life. Wide, open spaces and a warmhearted spirit, along with a more laidback lifestyle exemplify an ideal and values that many seek and long for today.

The county’s welcoming environment offers support for residents, small business and large corporations in a more civic-minded, business-friendly community than found in larger metro areas, such as Baltimore and D.C. Six charming towns provide the character, authenticity, foundation and opportunity for building relationships, new ventures and ideas and a great life.

In Shenandoah County, it’s inspiring to see civic leaders who believe preservation goes beyond saving buildings to preserving traditions, community pride and safety. It’s inspiring to find a government that genuinely cares for and is dedicated to serving its residents, businesses and visitors. From Fire & Rescue to Parks & Rec, it’s the warmer, personable side of government that people here see and find inspiring on a daily basis.

With its wealth of natural beauty, scenic attractions, serenity, innovative approach to education, outdoor recreation, strong connection to the land and storied small towns, it’s easy to be drawn to and inspired by Shenandoah County.

Brand Solution: Shenandoah County / Be Inspired.

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