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Key Challenge:

Rowan County, North Carolina set out to develop a community brand so it could tout itself to others for attracting economic development and tourism. However, the research revealed a critical issue that required a new approach. We learned that Rowan County, despite its beautiful rolling countryside and charming collection of small towns, didn’t always speak very highly of itself. That’s right – Rowan County was spending more time being critical of its flaws than promoting its many great assets.

Project Storyline:

The recommendation was simple – stop tearing each other down and start building up community pride. Building the community brand must occur from the inside out.

"Rowan County’s dichotomy of engaging countryside and urban vibe speaks to its unique character. But what defines our county is its compelling spirit of individualism that connects residents and visitors alike. We’re a tight-knit community, but we welcome those seeking a network where you can be yourself. There’s a lot to celebrate and rally around in Rowan County. Because this is the place where you can truly, be an original."

“Rowan County needed something bigger than a logo and an ad. They needed to believe in themselves and they needed a story they could all get behind. This branding project did just that.”
--- James Meacham, President/CEO Rowan County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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