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Key Challenge:

The City of Cedarburg was feeling outdated. This little jewel of a city a few minutes north of Milwaukee had a lot of great things going on, but the municipal identity was lacking and falling behind. They hired Chandlerthinks to conduct brand research and develop a brand identity that more accurately reflected this post card of a place.

Project Storyline:

Most residents love their home. Chandlerthinks research of Cedarburg residents showed an extreme love for their quaint little downtown. In fact, most descriptions of Cedarburg most always centered around their sometimes described “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie set of a downtown. More research found out visitors agreed. People love Cedarburg. Perhaps for its escape of metro hustle and bustle. Perhaps the friendliness of local familiar faces. Perhaps it’s the cute one-of-a-kind shops such as Amy’s Candy Kitchen, where the smell of candied apples fills magical Washington Street. Whatever the reason – people are falling in love with Cedarburg. It was no surprise, Chandlerthinks created a brand identity for the City to match.

Brand Solution: FALL IN LOVE

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