Destination Branding Specialists

Key Challenge:

Katy Economic Development Corporation needed a brand to create a sense of place and establish a position in the competitive Texas marketplace. Various geo-political boundaries divided Katy, Texas. No one within Katy could agree on where “it” was. Research told us that once you began to ask people outside the walls of politics, no one cared. Katy had a lot going for it. But boundaries were keeping it from telling its true story.

Project Storyline:

Energy does not move to Katy. It grows in Katy. Over half of the executives that make up the great Houston area Energy Corridor live in Katy. Why? Having arguably the strongest school district in Texas makes Katy a great community for living. Katy also stands out from other Houston suburbs by its history. Its deep roots in rice farming and home of Humble Oil refinery (later to be Exxon) put Katy on the map and led it to the business of growing energy. Business grows here. Community grows here. Education grows here. Children grow here. The right brand direction for Katy was right in front of our face - create a sense of place by showing that ‘Energy Grows Here.’

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