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At the Root of Destination Branding is Immersion

Your most memorable point-of-difference may be from your smaller but more interesting experiences.

See Steve’s Currituck County Outer Banks, NC hang-gliding video!

I recently came across my go pro video from my hang-gliding experience when visiting our client, Visit Currituck, in Currituck Outer Banks, NC. I love trying new things and I am usually up for the ‘out of the ordinary’ although the video may show a glimpse of my trepidation. The hang-gliding experience certainly pushed me to my limits but it was a moment in time I will never forget and one that I look back on with pride and amazement.

Other notable destination immersion experiences include…

As destination branding specialists, it’s important to immerse ourselves in the local experiences our client communities have to offer. This includes the unique things to do, but also the locally famous places to eat. We always begin new projects with a personalized tour of their community assets. In planning these tours, we often ask clients to place emphasis on things we cannot see anywhere else. Believe it or not, rubbing a lucky rabbit’s foot on a statue can be a forever memorable experience. It’s true, I’ve only done that in Lake City, SC.

Destination immersion is important for a number of reasons.

It’s easy to get surrounded by your biggest assets. For many communities this may be healthcare, industry or a large shopping area. But biggest isn’t always the key to standing out. Your smaller but more unique experiences say something about the culture of a place where these things thrive. There’s something about them that stay etched into local lore. Do not underestimate these experiences. Give them more attention relative to their size, and more importantly uncover what they say about your destination.

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